How many reports does it take for Facebook to remove a picture?

Answer The is no set number of reports you need. FaceBook will review the report and decide wether to remove the pic or not :) Des the pic violate the rules? If not, it may not be removed. Please remember... Read More »

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How to Remove My Facebook Profile Picture From an Internet Search?

Many people nowadays have a Facebook profile, even if it's only for connecting with family and close friends. Some people do not, however, want their Facebook profile picture to show up in public s... Read More »

What happens if someone reports your comment on facebook?

You could get your account removed if what was reported is that bad.

When i share a picture from instagram to facebook it posts it as a tiny link instead of the picture?

Ehh just save the image and post it to Facebook yourself. Simple. ;-/

How to do i set a picture to my profile picture on facebook...WITHOUT having to crop it into a smaller iamge?

you HAVE TO crop it into a square - there is no way around it