How many reports does it take for Facebook to remove a picture?

Answer The is no set number of reports you need. FaceBook will review the report and decide wether to remove the pic or not :) Des the pic violate the rules? If not, it may not be removed. Please remember... Read More »

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How many reports does it take for a facebook page to get deleted?

It doesn't depend on the pages' amount of reports, once a page is reported by a certain number of people, it will be reviewed by a network administrator, after which he/she will take a decision to ... Read More »

How can i take a good profile picture for facebook?

dont worry about it so much!it sounds sad but im a complete poser when i am taking the pictures myself (i just cant help it)Any how so i play around with my hair and make-up a lot, so i get the cam... Read More »

How to Take an Amazing Facebook Profile Picture?

Facebook profile pictures come and go. We all want a perfect one that everybody will comment on and one that everyone will like! Here's a guide which will teach you how to get the best one.

Is it legal for people to take your picture w/o you permssion adn then post it on facebook ?

lol well try emailing the ceo of facebook