How many recognized rings does Saturn have?

Answer Although there are thousands of ringlets surrounding the planet of Saturn, there are only seven officially recognized rings. The rings are named after letters of the alphabet ranging from A through... Read More »

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Do Saturn's rings rotate with Saturn?

Saturn's rings do rotate with Saturn. Any given particle in the rings, however, may be rotating faster or slower than another, or even in the opposite direction. Each particle has its own individua... Read More »

How old are saturn's rings?

Scientists are not sure exactly how old Saturn's rings are; however, they estimate the rings are around a billion years old. Previously, Saturn's rings were estimated at being only approximately 1... Read More »

How did Saturn get its rings?

The rings of Saturn were discovered in the early 17th century and are hypothesized to be composed of the particles once belonging to one of the planet's ancient moons.DiscoveryIn 1610, Italian astr... Read More »

What are the names of the rings around Saturn?

The names of Saturn's rings in order from closest to the planet to farthest are D, C, Columbo Gap, Maxwell Gap, Bond Gap, Dawes Gap, B, Cassini Division, Huygens Gap, Herschel Gap, Russell Gap, Jef... Read More »