How many recognized akc dog breeds are there?

Answer There are 164 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club as of January 1, 2010. That number will increase to 167 starting June 30, 2010, when the Leonberger, Cane Corso and Icelandic Sheepdo... Read More »

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How many recognized constellations are there?

The International Astronomical Union officially recognizes 88 constellations in the northern and southern hemispheres. Among the constellations are 29 animate objects, 19 land animals, 14 men and w... Read More »

How many different breeds of wild turkey are there in America?

Five subspecies of wild turkeys inhabit the United States. The eastern wild turkey is found in the eastern half of the country. The Florida, or Osceola, inhabits south Florida. The Merriam's and Ri... Read More »

How many dog breeds are in the world?

Estimates are that there are 400 dog breeds in the world, but that does not include mixed breeds. The American Kennel Club has the right to add a breed if documentation is available to support that... Read More »

How many recognized rings does Saturn have?

Although there are thousands of ringlets surrounding the planet of Saturn, there are only seven officially recognized rings. The rings are named after letters of the alphabet ranging from A through... Read More »