How many recessed lights do I need per room?

Answer On One Hand: Consider the Room and Light SizeWhen deciding how many recessed lights to use in a room for general lighting, consider the size of the room and the diameter of the lights. In general, ... Read More »

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How Many Recessed Lights Should Be in a Room?

On One Hand: Ambient LightingIlluminating a general area, known as ambient lighting, is accomplished by placing the proper size of recessed down lights symmetrically spaced throughout a room for un... Read More »

Are recessed lights right for my family room?

On One Hand: Great for AmbianceRecessed lighting can be a great choice for your family room and is widely used by builders today. It creates a "downlighting" look which brings warmth and depth to t... Read More »

Which recessed lights can you use in a sauna area or locker room?

On One Hand: Halogen Sauna KitsThe type of recessed light to use in a sauna would be a 20 watt halogen light bulb. A halogen sauna kit can be purchased that will include the light bulb, 12v replace... Read More »

How many recessed lights can I put on one circuit?

The number of recessed lights that you can install on one circuit depends on the amount of watts used. Lowe's Home Improvement states that a single circuit can hold up to 400 watts (which would acc... Read More »