Can i go to college while receiving unemployment benefits this year?

Answer There are programs that allow job seekers the opportunity to go go college while receiving unemployment benefits. Before starting a program, contact your local unemployment office to review your ... Read More »

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A year from now: What will happen to all the PERFECTLY working Analog-receiving TVs?

If you have cable they will still work. If you don't have cable you need a converter box and for those the government is issuing coupons for $40 toward the purchase of the box.The boxes will sell... Read More »

What year can you start receiving Social Security benefits if you were born in 1952?

You can choose to begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits at age 62, which, for a person born in 1952, would be in 2014. However, your benefits will be permanently reduced by 25 percent... Read More »

Bolt of carpet that is 99 yards long and 12 feet wide How many square yards is this?

there are 3 ft in a yard so the carpet is 4 yards wide (12/3=4) and if it is 99 yards long the square yards are (4 * 99) which is: 396 square yards

How much money can you earn in a trial work month in the year 2010 if you are receiving social security disability?

Trial Work Period SSDI -- The trial work period allows you to test your ability to work for at least 9 months. You can find more details about the above by going to the SSA gov website SOCIAL SECU... Read More »