Can i go to college while receiving unemployment benefits this year?

Answer There are programs that allow job seekers the opportunity to go go college while receiving unemployment benefits. Before starting a program, contact your local unemployment office to review your ... Read More »

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A year from now: What will happen to all the PERFECTLY working Analog-receiving TVs?

If you have cable they will still work. If you don't have cable you need a converter box and for those the government is issuing coupons for $40 toward the purchase of the box.The boxes will sell... Read More »

What year can you start receiving Social Security benefits if you were born in 1952?

You can choose to begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits at age 62, which, for a person born in 1952, would be in 2014. However, your benefits will be permanently reduced by 25 percent... Read More »

What year had the highest dow jones average?

The highest level the Dow Jones industrial average reached from December 31,1974, to June 30, 2010, was 14,164. This happened on October 9, 2007. A little over two years later, the Dow closed at mo... Read More »

Bolt of carpet that is 99 yards long and 12 feet wide How many square yards is this?

there are 3 ft in a yard so the carpet is 4 yards wide (12/3=4) and if it is 99 yards long the square yards are (4 * 99) which is: 396 square yards