How many years does it take to receive a master's degree?

Answer Students who are interested in pursuing a master's degree can expect to spend around one to three years in their academic programs. Those who want to receive a doctorate can expect to spend three t... Read More »

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How many letters does Oprah Winfrey receive daily?

He flew by in a blimp so nobody could see or remember the date.

Does it bug you to have limits on how many questions we can answer?

yes yes and yes! dont understand it all! i mean this is supposed to be kinda to share ur knowledge and help others with questions! how can u do that when u have used up all ur posts! its abit daft ... Read More »

How many questions does the game Who Wants to be a millionaire have?

How many medals did Hitler receive?

During World War I Adolf Hitler won the Iron Cross and four other metals for bravery. The Iron Cross was the highest award. He was a dispatch runner and the award mentioned he showed courage and bo... Read More »