How much money does the United States federal government receive in taxes every year?

Answer On average, the United States Federal government receives approximately $2 trillion in tax revenue every year. According to the Department of Treasury, the majority of the revenue comes from income... Read More »

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In which episode of the TV classic series X Files does Fox Mulder say Why is it that every time you think you know the answers someone goes and changes the questions?

How many years does it take to receive a master's degree?

Students who are interested in pursuing a master's degree can expect to spend around one to three years in their academic programs. Those who want to receive a doctorate can expect to spend three t... Read More »

How many letters does Oprah Winfrey receive daily?

He flew by in a blimp so nobody could see or remember the date.

Do college students receive the same size refund check every year?

Even if you make the same amount every year your refund check can be completely different. It depends on the prices of the classes your taking (classes have different costs and costs go up as well)... Read More »