Questions That Are Usually Asked During a Laboratory Technician Interview?

Answer Laboratory technicians are employed to assist scientists and doctors in a laboratory setting. The role involves sampling, testing, measuring and analyzing results in biological, chemical, physical ... Read More »

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How many electives are usually in an AA degree?

Colleges award an AA, or Associate of Arts degree, upon completion of approximately 60 credit hours. The number of credit hours depends on the college, the state requirements and the chosen major. ... Read More »

How many weeks do women usually deliver at?

Answer Full term is 40 weeks, but some doctors let women deliver after 36 weeks. Answer Approximate time is 42 weeks

How many songs can u usually fit on a 1GB memory card?

How many blades do windmills usually have?

Windmills usually have three blades for stability of the turbine. While there are one- and two-blade windmills, these designs are not as efficient and stable. Most windmills have an odd number of b... Read More »