How many games does each baseball team play each season?

Answer Major League Baseball teams play 162 games per season (beginning in April and lasting until September or October). Prior to the 1961 season, Major League teams played only 154 games. Neither of the... Read More »

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How many people die because of blood cancer each day, in each states.?…

How many seeds do you put in each hole, in each pot for tomato plants?

Hopefully your are planting seed that you purchased. If you saved seeds from tomatoes that you purchased at the market you will be disappointed. They will most likely germinate and produce plants... Read More »

How much sunlight does the Tundra receive each year?

The Arctic Tundra receives limited sunlight 24 hours a day for about 10 months a year. During the other two months, the Sun is below the horizon and the Arctic Tundra is completely dark.Source:Whee... Read More »

How many medals did Hitler receive?

During World War I Adolf Hitler won the Iron Cross and four other metals for bravery. The Iron Cross was the highest award. He was a dispatch runner and the award mentioned he showed courage and bo... Read More »