How many minutes are in an hour?

Answer Ancient Egyptians were the first to create the concept of a 365-day year, which was based on the cycle of the star Canis Major. Later they refined the concept of time by developing the first time-m... Read More »

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How many Btus are in one kilowatt-hour?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, one kilowatt hour equals 3,413 British Thermal Units (Btus). A gallon of gasoline contains 124,238 Btus and a cubic foot of natural gas equa... Read More »

How many bricks can a mason lay per hour?

An average bricklayer can lay around 100 bricks per hour if you do not take into account stopping at all; however, this is unreasonable for any person. If you take into account the occasional stops... Read More »

How many people are born in 1 hour?

How many kilowatts are in a kilowatt hour?

The kilowatt hour is a measure of use of electricity, employed most frequently on electric company bills stating how much electricity has been used over a stretch of time. A kilowatt hour is define... Read More »