If you had your period last month for two weeks and for a few hours this month is this normal?

Answer Answer Oh, yeseveryone is different. Soem women ovulate twice or even three times a month sometimes. It might also be because your cycle has decided to change. It is supposed to cahnge 3 to 5 time... Read More »

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Could you be pregnant if you stopped taking the pill a month ago and had a strange 4-day period last month and you are 6 days late for your period this month but a pregnancy test was negative?

Answer Unlikely. Its most likely a effect from stopping the pill.

Where do they release how many Air Force promotion line numbers will be promoted this month?

How many routers would I need for this small to medium sized business (and some other network questions)?

Hello, I'll try to help out the best I can.Starting with the routers, you should need no more than one properly configured router (881?) in each location. It sounds like you will be running a termi... Read More »

This is for a school project: Are you married or not married How many nights a month do you go out socially?

I am not married. It depends on what season it is, but right now due to other focuses...I maybe only go out 4 times a month socially. Summer is very different from the in between season time of yea... Read More »