How many quarters fit in a gallon jar?

Answer At most, 4,723 quarters would fit in a one-gallon jar. A quarter has a volume of 0.0489 cubic inches. A one-gallon jar has volume of 321 cubic inches. That number is accurate if the jar has the sam... Read More »

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How many quarters can fit into a gallon jug?

About 4,724 quarters would fit within a one-gallon jug. The dimensions of a normal U.S. quarter is 0.953 inches in diameter and 0.0685 inches tall. The volume of one quarter is 0.0489 cubic inches,... Read More »

Would you recommend using three-quarters or 1 hp motor for a 10K gallon inground pool?

I recommend using flow rate not HP as the basis for your choice. More HP does not always equal more flow rate - but it does equal using more electricty!Your pump should turn your water over at leas... Read More »

How can you kep your gallon and three gallon potted trees from falling over in your nursery?

Answer Tie the trees to a dawl larger then the base of the tree insert the dawl three or four inches in the dirt

Can you replace a 40-gallon hot water heater with an 80-gallon?

A 40-gallon hot water heater can be replaced with an 80-gallon unit. If the unit is powered by electricity, the 80-gallon unit will take longer to heat up. The 40-gallon unit is designed for homes ... Read More »