How many quarters are in a football game?

Answer There are four quarters in a football game. Quarters are 12 to 15 minutes in length, depending upon the level of football. College and NFL quarters are 15 minutes in length. High school level footb... Read More »

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How many quarters are in a NBA basketball game?

According to the official rules of the National Basketball Association (NBA), a regulation game consists of four 12-minute quarters. Additional five-minute overtime periods occur when a game or an ... Read More »

How many challenges are in a football game?

In 1999, the NFL enacted the instant replay rule, allowing coaches to challenge two calls per game. The on-field referee reviews the call and decides if it stands or is overturned. In 2004, the rul... Read More »

How many refs are in a football game?

A football game has seven referees. There is one head referee and six others who work under him. The six under the head referee are all officially referees, but for each game the six individually w... Read More »

How many officials are in an NFL football game?

There are seven officials on the field during an NFL football game. These include the referee, a head linesman, a back judge, a line judge, a side judge, a field judge and an umpire.Source:NFL: Jur... Read More »