How many quarks are neutrons made of?

Answer Neutrons, electrically neutral, are believed to be composed of three quarks, one up quark and two down quarks. Together their electrical charges of (+ 2/3 up quark) and (-1/3 down quark) cancel eac... Read More »

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Are protons and neutrons made of quarks?

The nucleus of an atom is composed of subatomic particles known as protons, neutrons, and electrons. Of these subatomic particles, the protons and neutrons are made up of even smaller particles kno... Read More »

How were quarks discovered in protons&neutrons?

Quarks were originally discovered in protons and neutrons at the Standford Linear Accelerator in the late 1960s during an experiment which involved scattering electrons off of protons. Quarks had b... Read More »

How many quarks are in a proton?

Protons, electrically positive, are thought to be made up of three quarks--two up quarks and one down quark. The up=type quarks each have an electrical charge of + 2/3 times the proton charge, and ... Read More »

How many quarks are in a neutron?

A neutron contains three quarks: two "down" quarks and one "up" quark, according to Georgia State University's Department of Physics and Astronomy. Each down quark has a charge of -1/3, while the u... Read More »