How many quarks are in a proton?

Answer Protons, electrically positive, are thought to be made up of three quarks--two up quarks and one down quark. The up=type quarks each have an electrical charge of + 2/3 times the proton charge, and ... Read More »

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How many quarks are in a neutron?

A neutron contains three quarks: two "down" quarks and one "up" quark, according to Georgia State University's Department of Physics and Astronomy. Each down quark has a charge of -1/3, while the u... Read More »

How many quarks are neutrons made of?

Neutrons, electrically neutral, are believed to be composed of three quarks, one up quark and two down quarks. Together their electrical charges of (+ 2/3 up quark) and (-1/3 down quark) cancel eac... Read More »

How many quarks have been identified?

Physicists have thus far identified six types of quarks, referred to in the scientific community as “flavors”: up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom. Quarks, along with leptons, represent t... Read More »

How many quarks are there in each neutron?

Each neutron has three quarks: one 'up' quark and two 'down' quarks. Quarks are elementary particles that make up neutrons and protons--the building blocks of matter. There are six types (flavors) ... Read More »