How many quarks are in a proton?

Answer Protons, electrically positive, are thought to be made up of three quarks--two up quarks and one down quark. The up=type quarks each have an electrical charge of + 2/3 times the proton charge, and ... Read More »

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Who invented quarks?

Murray Gell-Mann, a professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, discovered the quark, a subatomic particle, in 1974. Gell-Mann took its name from a poem in "Finnegans Wake" by J... Read More »

Where did the word quarks come from?

Quarks, which are subatomic particles, got their name from author James Joyce. In his book "Finnegan's Wake," he used the nonsense word in the line "Three quarks for Muster Mark..." The Nobel prize... Read More »

How many quarks have been identified?

Physicists have thus far identified six types of quarks, referred to in the scientific community as “flavors”: up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom. Quarks, along with leptons, represent t... Read More »

What Holds Quarks Together?

Quarks are fundamental particles, which means nothing is believed to make up quarks. Thus, there is no force that holds a single quark together because nothing is smaller than one quark. However, t... Read More »