How many puppies will my rat terrier have in a litter?

Answer While the average rat terrier litter is 5-8 puppies, there is really no way to guarantee that your bitch will have an average birth. Take her to the veterinarian and have an ultrasound done to find... Read More »

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How many puppies does a pug usually have in a litter?

Pug litters average four to five puppies, but your pug may have more or less depending on age, hereditary factors and health of your pug. Many pugs require Caesarean-sections because their heads ar... Read More »

How big are West Highland White Terrier puppies when born?

West Highland White Terrier puppies are quite small at birth. They range in weight from a low of about 3 1/2 oz., to a high of around 6 oz. A healthy puppy will add 10 to 15 percent to its weight e... Read More »

How to Get a Litter of Puppies to Sleep?

Tired of yelping, whining, noisy puppies? Are you tired of that noise in the middle of the night? Here's how to get all those puppies to be quiet and sleep!

How to Care for a New Litter of Puppies?

A new litter of puppies has been welcomed to your home and your whole family is ecstatic about it. While mother nature has gifted mother dog with a good amount of instincts when it comes to caring ... Read More »