How many puppies are in an english bulldog litter?

Answer The English bulldog has an average litter size of four to five puppies. Since this breed has a large head, the mother often requires a cesarean section. The English bulldog is a gentle and affectio... Read More »

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Are english bulldog puppies born with tails?

English bulldog puppies are born with tails. However, while most tails are straight or screwed, others fit close to the body or sit in a pocket, making them hard to notice. English bulldog puppies ... Read More »

What is the difference between an Old English bulldog& an English bulldog?

When looking at the English bulldog compared to the Old English bulldog you notice differences in their size and features; however, there are also differences in their health, life expectancy, livi... Read More »

Where can I find bulldog puppies?

You've done your research for a dog for yourself or your family and decided that the Bulldog is the dog for you, but finding a healthy and well-adjusted bulldog puppy may be a bit daunting. Do you... Read More »

How to Choose Bulldog Puppies?

Choosing a bulldog puppy can be a daunting task. Talk to reputable breeders and do thorough research on the bulldog's history, temperament and characteristics to gauge if this dog is right for you ... Read More »