How many pumpkins will one plant produce?

Answer about 2

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In what month do pumpkins produce fruit?

Pumpkins are usually harvested before heavy frosts in late September or early October throughout much of the United States. Planting takes place between May and July, depending on the geographical ... Read More »

How to Plant Pumpkins in Florida?

Pumpkins are fall squash, bringing to mind scarecrows, Halloween and Thanksgiving. People eat both the fruit and seeds, and use the physical pumpkins as decorations. These are warm-season plants th... Read More »

When Do You Plant Potatoes and Pumpkins?

Potatoes and pumpkins are ideal plants for starting year-round. While they will not grow year-round, sowing them takes some of the work out of the early spring and summer garden. Plants whose seeds... Read More »

Can You Plant Watermelons Next to Pumpkins?

Pumpkins and watermelons can grow happily together. They won't cross-pollinate and have many of the same growing requirements, including a long growing season and bees for pollination. You'll need ... Read More »