How many protons does iron have?

Answer The metal iron is the 26th element on the periodic table. It contains 26 protons and 30 neutrons in its nucleus. The metal also has 26 electrons that are in orbit around the nucleus.Source:Chemical... Read More »

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How many protons does the element iron have?

Iron, whose abbreviation is Fe, is number 26 on the periodic table of the elements. This means that all forms of iron have 26 protons because the atomic number of iron is 26.References:Chemical Ele... Read More »

How many protons are in iron 55.847?

The atomic number of iron is 26, meaning that the nucleus of any isotope of iron, including iron 56 (which has an atomic mass of 55.847), contains 26 protons.References:National Institue of Standar... Read More »

How many protons does tin have?

Tin has 50 protons. It is listed in the Periodic Table of Elements with the symbol "Sn." This metal's boiling point is 4,118 Fahrenheit. Tin became known in early civilizations and is now used prim... Read More »

How many protons does xenon have?

Xenon has 54 protons. The amount of protons and electrons in each element is shown by its atomic number. Xenon is often used in strobe lamps because of the bluish color it gives off while in vacuum... Read More »