How many protons does copper have?

Answer Copper, symbol CU on the periodic table, has 29 protons. You can determine how many protons an element has by looking at the number directly above the element's symbol on the Periodic Table of the ... Read More »

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Does an atom of copper have protons?

All elements contain protons, even copper, which has 29 of them, according to Environmental Chemistry. Protons, which carry a positive charge, are a part of every atom's nucleus along with neutrons... Read More »

How many protons does tin have?

Tin has 50 protons. It is listed in the Periodic Table of Elements with the symbol "Sn." This metal's boiling point is 4,118 Fahrenheit. Tin became known in early civilizations and is now used prim... Read More »

How many protons does tantalum have?

According to the University of Virginia's Periodic Table of Elements and the Periodic Table Organization in the UK, tantalum is a heavy gray metallic element having 73 protons. The element is used ... Read More »

How many protons does bromine have?

Abbreviated "Br" on the periodic table of elements, bromine consists of 35 protons and 35 electrons, which makes its atomic number 35. The element is typically obtained from sea water and was first... Read More »