How many protons does Amercium have?

Answer Americium, a man-made element with the atomic symbol Am, has 95 protons, which is also its atomic number. It is a radioactive element, and was discovered in 1944 by scientists at the University of ... Read More »

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How many protons does tin have?

Tin has 50 protons. It is listed in the Periodic Table of Elements with the symbol "Sn." This metal's boiling point is 4,118 Fahrenheit. Tin became known in early civilizations and is now used prim... Read More »

How many protons does antimony have?

The chemical symbol for antimony is Sb. Locate this element on the periodic table and note the number above the symbol which is the atomic number. The atomic number of an element is the number of p... Read More »

How many protons does hafnium have?

An atom of the element hafnium contains 72 protons. This is verified by first noting that the chemical symbol for hafnium is "Hf." Find "Hf" on the periodic table of the elements. The number above ... Read More »

How many protons does Yttrium have?

The atomic number of Yttrium is 39. This means that Yttrium contains 39 protons. The atomic number is a unique identifier for all elements in the periodic table. This means that no element other th... Read More »