How many protons are in krypton?

Answer Krypton is one of the noble gases, which means it is a stable gas and does not form compounds easily. Krypton (atomic symbol Kr) has 36 protons in the nucleus, and it has six recognized isotopes.So... Read More »

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Number of isotopes in krypton?

The element krypton has 36 isotopes. Only six of these isotopes are stable: krypton 78, krypton 80, krypton 82, krypton 83, krypton 84 and krypton 86. Krypton is abbreviated as "Kr" on the Periodic... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for krypton difluoride?

Krypton difluoride has the chemical formula KrF2. This white crystalline solid is unstable above -30 degrees Celsius and is prepared by applying energy to a mixture of krypton and fluorine at extre... Read More »

Did planet Krypton in the Superman story have red characteristics?

Krypton was a red sun planet, as was Daxam, which spawned Mon-el. Daxam may be an anagram (or Jumble) of Adam-X Try it! Superman is vulnerable to red suns and his powers do not work on Red Sun plan... Read More »

Science Project Supplies for an Atom Nucleus and Krypton?

Making models of atoms are simple and fun science projects that are relatively inexpensive. Most of the time, the objects you use to build an atomic model are already in your home. The trick is to ... Read More »