How many products get recalled after animal testing?

Answer Animal testing is used during the initial phases of a clinical trial to determine whether a product is safe for consumers, before it is released to the public market. Little data exist to support a... Read More »

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The Advantages of Animal Testing in Developing New Products?

Animal testing seems cruel and unnecessary in a technologically advanced society. Why do scientists still use it? As the alternatives are considered, this topic gets more complex than it seems at f... Read More »

Why is animal testing done?

Animal testing is done for a number of reasons within the medical, scientific and cosmetic industries; the practice of animal testing raises a number of ethical flags, since it causes harm to livin... Read More »

Animal Testing?

Legal issues. We live in a lawsuit-happy time period, and if some fat, middle aged lady slapped on some lotion and got a gross, bubbly rash, she'd probably lose a dress size running so fast for the... Read More »

Is animal testing really useful?

On One Hand: Animal Testing Has Been Beneficial to HumansMajor medical advancements have gained from animal testing including preventative treatments for cancer, better vaccines, organ transplants,... Read More »