How many primary wing feathers does an owl have?

Answer Owls have specialized flight feathers that allow for silent flight. There are 20 primary wing feathers, and each has a special comb-like edge that helps minimize the sound of the owl's movements as... Read More »

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How many feathers does an adult turkey have?

A mature adult turkey typically has about 3,500 feathers covering all parts of its body except for its eyes, beak and feet. This number can vary slightly based on the gender and size of the bird.So... Read More »

How many tail feathers does a turkey have?

Turkeys have 18 tail feathers. Each of these feathers is 12 to 15 inches long. Male turkeys, also called toms, display their feathers--called a fan--as a means of attracting a mate.References:Texas... Read More »

How many feathers does a turkey have at maturity?

According to ImmunoCAP, a mature adult turkey has about 3,500 feathers. These feathers cover all parts of the turkey except the head and neck. Tom Turkeys are known for a tail feather arrangement o... Read More »

How many feathers does a male peacock have?

The average male peacock has close to 200 long feathers in its tail. The green and blue feathers can be up to 60 inches in length and are spread in a glorious display when they are courting a femal... Read More »