Where did the power rangers host their shows?

Answer I'm assuming you mean where have they shot the episodes. During Mighty Morphin Power Rangers all the way until and including Wild Force, the show was shot in Valencia, California and its surroundin... Read More »

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Is Power Rangers rpm the last team of Power Rangers or are there more teams that haven't come forth yet?

well im not sure cause saba said that children arent watchin it anymore and thts only cause hey switched the ch shows

If a power rangers upgraded powers every season wouldn't the Rangers from now be able to beat the original megazord without a megazord?

It's possible but I'd say it would depend on the Ranger and their powers. In "Time Force" - it's known that their Rangers are weak against regular villains, their powers are only meant to battle ag... Read More »

When was power ranger mighty morphin power rangers made?

1993 season 1 1994 season 2 1995 season 3 and the movie

How many rangers are on Power Rangers rpm?