How many pounds will I gain from loads of cake and bread....?

Answer how many calories? about 3500 calories equals one pound of body weight....go on calorie and track your weight also you are going to weigh more until you poop all that bread out.

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How many pounds of icing to order from a bakery for a semi truck cake about 38in long 15in wide and 12in high?

How many pounds of muscle can I gain in a month....?

Naturally, without steroids, around half pound of lean muscle, very unlikely that more than that ...

Will I gain weight from eating too many grapes?

Even though it is a fruit that is very healthy for you, you may end up gaining weight in continuing this. Grapes do have sugar but its natural sugar, though this is true. You need portion control m... Read More »

How Many Pounds Per Week Should You Gain or Lose?

Text "emoticons" use keyboard symbols to make pictographs that indicate moods and this thoroughly modern idea may be older than you think. In 1887, shortly after the invention of the typewriter, t... Read More »