How many pounds does it take to break a human bone?

Answer Depends on the bone. Heavy bones like the femur are extremely resistant to breaking, as is the skull. Smaller bones tend to be jointed in a way that lets them flex away from breaking forces.To actu... Read More »

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How many pounds of pressure is in a spray paint can?

If aerosol spray paint cans used compressed air as a propellant the cans would have to be inordinately thick and expensive to build. Instead spray paint makers use volatile liquids that boil off at... Read More »

Pounds of pressure to break a bone?

I have heard that the femur bone can take up to 1100 pounds per square inch of pressure before breaking.

How many pounds of pressure should be in a mountain bicycle tire?

Mountain bike tires should be inflated to a level between 30 pounds per square inch (psi) and 50 psi. Lower inflation levels improve a mountain bike's traction for off-road conditions that are comm... Read More »

Why would a DE pool pump surge water for 20 minutes at 7 pounds then slow down as the pressure goes up?

Answer Their are 2 reasons the first is that too much d.e. is being put in, the second reason which I think may be the problem is that the ropes inside the filter housing have become clogged not al... Read More »