How many pounds of frozen meat or frozen veggies should you calculate per cubic foot when buying a chest freezer?

Answer Answer In weight of water calculations there's 62.3 pounds for every cubic foot. My best advice would be to use those calculations in determining what size to buy. Answer 35 pounds per cubic foot o... Read More »

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How long does frozen meat last in the freezer?

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service, frozen meat can last indefinitely. But for optimum quality, the service recommends keeping uncooked red meat, pork and whole chicken no longer t... Read More »

How much does a 6.1 cubic foot large chest freezer approximately weigh?

The average shipping weight for most chest freezers with a 6.1 cubic-feet holding capacity is 120 to 125 pounds. Weight can vary, however, based on insulation and internal hardware.

Is it true you shouldn't eat meat if it's been frozen, defrosted, and then frozen again?

There are two concerns with refreezing meat. The first is safety. If the meat has thawed in a refrigerator, then it’s okay to refreeze. In terms of other methods, make sure it doesn’t sit in th... Read More »

A question about fresh and frozen veggies?

The only difference with frozen produce is flavour/texture quality. It may not taste be as good to eat as fresh produce.The nutrition value is the same, though. If anything, it can actually be bett... Read More »