How to Convert Pounds to Ounces?

Answer Converting pounds to ounces is something that you might need to do when taking a school science class. You may also need to convert a number of pounds to ounces if you are putting together a recipe... Read More »

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How do I convert pounds to troy ounces?

You convert pounds to troy ounces by multiplying the number of pounds by 14.58. For example, if you have 5 lbs., multiply 5 by 14.58 to get 72.9 troy oz.References:Investopedia: Troy OunceMetric Co... Read More »

2 pounds of ricotta cheese is how many ounces?

According to the standard metric conversion chart, 1 lb. is equal to 16 oz. Therefore, 2 lb. of ricotta cheese is equal to 32 oz. Ricotta is common in foods such as lasagna and cheesecake.Reference... Read More »

If I drink 60 ounces of Lipton Diet Peach Papaya tea per day is it the same as drinking 60 ounces of water?

YES!The answer that mentions sugar was obviously written by someone that missed the part of the question that said "DIET".Diet drinks of any kind do NOT contain SUGAR!Diet drinks are sweetened with... Read More »

Are troy ounces&regular ounces the same?

Troy ounces are larger than the "regular" ounces used in the U.S. The U.S. uses avoirdupois ounces--normally referred to as just ounces--to weigh most objects. Troy ounces are used to weigh preciou... Read More »