2 pounds of ricotta cheese is how many ounces?

Answer According to the standard metric conversion chart, 1 lb. is equal to 16 oz. Therefore, 2 lb. of ricotta cheese is equal to 32 oz. Ricotta is common in foods such as lasagna and cheesecake.Reference... Read More »

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How to Convert Pounds to Ounces?

Converting pounds to ounces is something that you might need to do when taking a school science class. You may also need to convert a number of pounds to ounces if you are putting together a recipe... Read More »

How do I convert pounds to troy ounces?

You convert pounds to troy ounces by multiplying the number of pounds by 14.58. For example, if you have 5 lbs., multiply 5 by 14.58 to get 72.9 troy oz.References:Investopedia: Troy OunceMetric Co... Read More »

There are 8 ounces in a ½ pound. How many ounces are in 7 3/4 lbs?

i think this is the answer you are looking out for x=124 ounces in 7 3/4 pounds.Proof:8/.5=124/7.75.5*124=8*7.7562=62I hope this is the best answer. Please do let me know if it is.

How many ounces in a cup?

LOL didn't you learn this in grade school? I did. It's 8.