How many carafes equal a gallon?

Answer Commonly, wine carafes hold one liter (0.26 gallon) of liquid. With this size of a carafe, it would take 3.79 carafes to equal a gallon. Ultimately, capacity will determine how many carafes equal a... Read More »

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How many screws are equal to 25 pounds?

Depending on the size and length of a screw, it weighs between 0.192 and 0.0615 ounces. Therefore, 25 pounds of screws is between 2,075 and 6,500 individual fasteners.References:Home Depot: Screws

How many pounds of copper equal 1,000 feet of wire?

Wire comes in a variety of different gauges. Heavy 4/0 gauge copper wire weighs 660 pounds for 1,000 feet, while the same length of very fine 36 gauge wire contains only about one ounce of copper. ... Read More »

How many pounds does PE 6 fishing line equal?

A fishing line rated as "PE 6" theoretically has a 60-pound test limit. A line rated as PE 8 theoretically has an 80-pound test limit. In reality, the line may stand up to more weight than this.Ref... Read More »

How many pounds is one gallon of berries?

A gallon of berries Since berries are biological products, and consist mainly of water, one can assume a mass close to that of water. A rough estimate would be 8 lbs. Size and shape of the berries ... Read More »