How many pounds of carbon dioxide does a gallon of gasoline produce?

Answer A gallon of gasoline, which weighs 6.3 pounds, creates 20 pounds of carbon dioxide when burned. The added weight is because the bulk of CO2's mass comes from its oxygen molecules. When gasoline is ... Read More »

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How many pounds does a 5-gallon bucket hold?

One gallon of water is equal to 8.34 pounds, so a five-gallon bucket holds 41.7 pounds of water. If you are measuring the weight of a liquid other than water, the weight will vary. Other liquids do... Read More »

How many pounds of carbon dioxide does a gallon of gas produce?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a single gallon of gasoline produces 19.4 pounds of carbon dioxide. One gallon of diesel fuel produces 22.2 pounds of carbon dioxide.... Read More »

How many pounds does a female chimpanzee weigh?

Female chimpanzees tend to be slightly smaller in physical size and weight than male chimpanzees. Wild females typically weigh between 57 and 110 lbs. Chimpanzees can reach somewhat greater weights... Read More »

How many BTU are there per gallon of gasoline?

Gasoline is actually a mix of different hydrocarbons; the actually energy yield can vary depending on the blend and on the season of the year. Engine operation is less efficient at colder temperatu... Read More »