How many pounds of tomatoes are there on 1 plant?

Answer The amount of tomatoes a plant produces varies greatly depending on the type of soil used, the amount of sunlight the plant receives and the kind of nutrients used. On average, a single tomato plan... Read More »

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How many Calories are in 1 kilo of cherries?

About 645 calories if you assume cherries have 90 calories per 140 grams.

How many pixels is in a kilo bite?

PixEl = Picture Element. Kilo byte (not bite) = Size of memory / hard disk etc... 1024.... This will differ per camera/img.There will usually be a header including picture information, which usuall... Read More »

How many kilo bytes are in one megabyte?

It is either 1000 or 1024 depending on the context. In networking and data storage it is usually 1000, in RAM it is 1024.

How many Kilo watts does a fridge use?

There are normally at least 115 watts per fridge.