How many pounds of pole beans are in a bushel?

Answer A bushel is a dry measurement equal to 2152.42 cubic inches. There are 28 lbs. of pole beans in a bushel. By comparison, there are 30 lbs of snap beans in a bushel.References:University of North Ca... Read More »

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How many pounds are in a bushel of steamer clams?

There are 50 lbs. in a bushel of steamer clams. You can expect to pay around $170 to $230 for a bushel of steamer clams. You can steam clams using a white wine base, flavored with butter, parsley, ... Read More »

You are 30 weeks pregnant and the doctor said your baby weighs 4 pounds Is he wrong because you have read most weigh 3 pounds?

Answer So, why do you go to the doctor if you aren't going to listen to him? Let's be honest here, the actual weight of the baby at 30 weeks depends on a lot of variables. Your doctor probably i... Read More »

Why would a DE pool pump surge water at 7 pounds then slow down at 15 pounds?

Answer The ropes inside the filter have become blocked, not letting the clean water out at the desired rate of the out put of the pump.A: Firstly, the pool pump is not a DE pump. The pool pump is t... Read More »

If you are 12 years old and 120 pounds how long would you have to starve yourself to lose 15 pounds?

Answer It takes longer to lose weight if you weight uder 130lbs. you would probably have to starve yourself for more than a week to lose 15lbs. I found out myself and you won't feel healthy. You wi... Read More »