How many postage stamps are needed to mail a letter?

Answer According to the United States Postal Service, you only need one stamp as long as it is the correct denomination. As of March 2010, the cost of mailing a first-class letter is 44 cents, so you need... Read More »

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Can you use regular u.s. postage stamps to mail to canada?

Not only can you use U.S. postage to mail to Canada, you must. The type of postage you use is determined by where you are when you mail the item, not where you send it.Source:U.S. Postal Service: F... Read More »

How much postage is needed to mail first class us mail?

According to the U.S. States Postal Service, it costs 44 cents to send a letter, 88 cents to send a large envelope and $1.22 to send a package by first class mail within the United States if the it... Read More »

Can I put regular Canadian postage stamps on mail to the United States?

If you are mailing a package from Canada to the United States, not only can you use Canadian postage; you must use Canadian postage. Under the supervision of the United Nations Universal Postal Uni... Read More »

How many stamps does it take to mail a letter?

The number of stamps you will require to mail a letter depends on the weight of your documents. As of May 2010, expect to place one 44-cent stamp on a letter that is less than 1 oz. and add 17 cent... Read More »