How many popular votes did obama&mccain get?

Answer During the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois received 69,499,428 popular votes (52.87 percent) while Sen. John McCain of Arizona garnered 59,950,323 (45.60 percent). It... Read More »

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What was the number of popular votes for Ralph Nader?

As a candidate for president of the United States, Ralph Nader earned 685,297 popular votes in 1996; 2,883,105 votes in 2000; 463,655 in 2004; and 739,278 votes in 2008. Nader has never won any st... Read More »

Are early votes counted before or after voting day votes in Texas?

According to the Texas Election Code, the early voting ballot board is not required to finish counting early ballots until the seventh day after an election, and the results are not required to be ... Read More »

How many votes in 2008 for American idol?

65,00,400 million in real life. popular show huh?

How many people cast votes American idol?

As you could probably imagine, Votes vary depending on the days. Usually about 31 million votes come in for the top 12, boys and girls.Glad to help!~Kimmie