How many points have you gotten off of all these Youtube Questions!?

Answer USA, NY, Febuary 24th 2008, 326PM ESTYouTube is back up and running.If Its not working for you, They are undergoing maintenance or whatever there doing over there, but it should be back up and runn... Read More »

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I need help finding a new youtube name... if u get the best one 10 points. even if i dont put it on youtube!!?

haha l love smoshand i think dirtyxaustin is fine

10 points if some one can help me with these drivers eud questions!!!?

People who are new at things - whether it's being a waitress, bartender, plumber or DRIVER, should make themselves aware of the hazards of what they are doing. By reading and digesting and ponderin... Read More »

RAM Questions (Easy Points)!!!?

2GB of RAM is the sweet spot nowadays, especially if you have Windows Vista, which will require at least 1GB of ram, depending on which version you get. If you are gaming, definately stick with 2GB... Read More »

When I ask questions do I get points deducted?

yes, you lose 5 points, but if you pick a best answer you'll get 3 of them back. so its really like losing only 2 points, in which you can just answer ONE question to get that back too. can you s... Read More »