How many points are assessed to your record due to a speeding ticket?

Answer Each state determines speeding penalties, so points can vary widely. However, FindLaw states that the "relative values"--in other words, a guideline--might impose 4 points for 16 mph or more over s... Read More »

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How many years do points& violations stay on your driving record in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, points designated for driving offenses will remain on a person’s license for six years. If you have less than three moving violations in five years, the state will remove one po... Read More »

In Mass how many years do points& violations stay on your driving record?

In Massachusetts, one point on each traffic violation every three years you can go without a violation, assuming you incur no more than three chargeable offenses in the previous five years. The onl... Read More »

Your condominium assessed and extra amount because your reserve is at zero - you need extra money for building repairs - can you file a lien for condominium special reserve amount assessed?

Depending on the county and state where your condominium is located, and depending on your governing documents, assessments and fines can automatically become liens on your condominium title.Otherw... Read More »

If someone owns a condominium with an assessed value of 110000 and the tax rate is 25 mills per 1.00 of assessed valuation how much tax do they pay?