Is there any point in paying or having a TV licence?

Answer I personally think that its pointless because you have pay for buying a television, then pay for a license and then pay for channels to shown. I think its ridiculous

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Licence suspended because of drink-driving: what may happen if they catch me driving again?

Three months imprisonment and a £3000 fine, plus a three year ban, is INCREDIBLY common.Below are some usefull links to legal experts in this matter,It may prove worth your while to read through t... Read More »

What's the point of uploading Youtube videos or creating an account when you get suspended cause of copyrights?

Well... it matters because when people upload too much of commercially available videos to Youtube so that people who would have had to buy the commercial video can now just watch the gist of the s... Read More »

I past my car licence in 1991 car i ride a 50cc scooter on my car licence then?

Yes you have a full moped licence with the car licence.ANDIf you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001 you don’t need to take CBT to ride a moped.You do need a CBT and L plates if y... Read More »

You have the insurance agent licence but now you want to get the licence withe name of your company?

No, It does not . Accidents are one category of Travel Insurance Packages.