How many points can you have on your license before it gets suspended?

Answer The number of points it takes to suspend your license varies depending on your state. In Georgia, it takes 15 points in two years, while Nevada has a limit of 12 points in one year.References:The U... Read More »

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How many points can you have on your license before it gets suspended in Indiana?

An administrative hearing is held in Indiana for a driver who receives 18 points on his driver's license within a 24-month period. After the hearing, the driver may be placed on probation or have h... Read More »

How many citations are allowed before an alcohol license is suspended?

The number of citations you can receive before losing your liquor or alcohol license depends upon your state's laws, the nature of the violations and how far apart the citations are from one anothe... Read More »

How long do you need your learner's permit before you can get a licence in Kansas?

To obtain a restricted license in Kansas, drivers must have had their learner's permit for at least six months, according to the state Department of Revenue. Licensees also must complete 25 hours o... Read More »

You have the insurance agent licence but now you want to get the licence withe name of your company?

No, It does not . Accidents are one category of Travel Insurance Packages.