How many poems did robert lee frost write?

Answer Robert Lee Frost was a prolific poet whose "vigorous verse" was rejected by The Atlantic Monthly in the late 1800s, but then requested by the same magazine in 1915 after Frost had gained some fame ... Read More »

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How many poems did robert frost write?

While some people claim that Robert Frost wrote only 105 poems, he actually published 143 poems in his lifetime. However, it is possible that he actually wrote several more that were never publishe... Read More »

How many poems did Robert Lee Frost publish?

Born in 1874, Robert Lee Frost, an American poet and four time Pulitzer Prize recipient, published 180 poems before his death in 1963. Although he was born in San Francisco and spent much of his li... Read More »

What Robert Frost poems were set to music by Randall Thompson?

Choral composer Randall Thompson set seven of Robert Frost's poems to music. Those poems include "The Road Not Taken," "The Pasture," "Come In," "The Telephone," "A Girl's Garden," "Stopping By Wo... Read More »

What kind of poetry did robert frost write?

Robert Frost usually wrote in the traditional forms of poetry, such as blank or rhymed verse, according to The Friends of Robert Frost. Frost shied away from traditional syntax, but he never veered... Read More »