How many players are on a college football roster?

Answer The number of players on a college football team varies. On average, most college football teams consist of somewhere between 90 and 100 players on the roster. For example, in 2009, Boston College ... Read More »

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Do college football players wear a cup?

The 2009-10 official NCAA Football Rulebook does not have any specific rules either requiring nor prohibiting the wearing of a protective cup during a game. This means that a player may choose to w... Read More »

How many players are on an NBA basketball team?

League rules require each NBA team to have 12 players on its active list, and at least one player on its inactive list, for a minimum total of 13 players. NBA teams are allowed to have as many as t... Read More »

How many players are on a polo team?

Four players comprise a polo team, with each player taking a specific role. Position No.1 is an attacking player, similar to a soccer striker, while the second position concentrates on both offense... Read More »

How many players are in a baseball team?

The maximum amount of players allowed on a Major League Baseball team during regular season play is 25. Teams are allowed to have up to 40 players until the first regular season game. Additionally,... Read More »