How many plates is the Earth's crust divided into?

Answer The Earth's outermost surface is called the lithosphere. It is made up of a puzzle of eight large tectonic plates and nine smaller ones. The larger plates are the African Plate, Eurasian Plate, I... Read More »

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Is the lithosphere divided up into plates?

The lithosphere is divided up into two types of plates: continental plates and oceanic plates. Continental plates are made up of granite rocks and contain silica. Oceanic plates are made up of basa... Read More »

How many parts is the Richter scale divided into?

The Richter magnitude scale compares earthquake strength using numbers to the first decimal. The scale is base 10 logarithm, so each whole number increase means a 10 times increase in amplitude (31... Read More »

How many groups is an air force wing divided into?

The air force supply management activity groups are divided into how many divisions?

There are 5 SMAG accounts. (army, Navy, Air Force, marine Corps and Defense Logistics Agency) These are further subdivided into 6 divisions that manage different types commodities.1. AF cadet store... Read More »