How many plates is the Earth's crust divided into?

Answer The Earth's outermost surface is called the lithosphere. It is made up of a puzzle of eight large tectonic plates and nine smaller ones. The larger plates are the African Plate, Eurasian Plate, I... Read More »

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Is the lithosphere divided up into plates?

The lithosphere is divided up into two types of plates: continental plates and oceanic plates. Continental plates are made up of granite rocks and contain silica. Oceanic plates are made up of basa... Read More »

What is 840 billion divided by 304 million-- Which is the amount of new stimulus plan divided by est. population of US according to the cia factbook?

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Is it cheaper to eat off of paper plates or have regular plates you wash?

The #1 use for recycled paper is "Pizza Boxes".Check to see if they're made from recycled paper, if so, you just saved 50%. They can also (many times) be used more than once. Sometimes obviously no... Read More »

How many baked beans would it take to cover earths surface?

ok i worked it out (rough estimate)radius of earth = 6378.l km (6,378,100 meters)surface area of earth = 4*pi*radius^2 = 5.109 *10^14 square meters2 beans = 1 square centimeterso, the number of bea... Read More »