How many plastic bottles are thrown away each year?

Answer Americans throw out an average of 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. This makes 60 million bottles a day--nearly 22 billion a year. Recycling and reusing plastic bottles, as well as drinking w... Read More »

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How many plastic bottles are made each year?

Roughly 38 billion water bottles are produced each year. This plastic, which is worth about $1 billion dollars, usually ends up in our landfills. About 25 percent of bottled water is just tap water... Read More »

How many disposable diapers are thrown away each day across America?

How many toner cartridges get thrown away in a year?

Every year more than 300 million toner cartridges get thrown away and not recycled. That is almost 1 million cartridges a day. Toner cartridges take nearly 450 years to decompose. Most people don't... Read More »

How many printers are thrown away every year in Canada?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple hundred thousand. Users are getting into the bad habit of replacing the printer when they run out of ink, thinking that they are saving money.