How many plants are in a rainforest?

Answer there are millions of different species of plants, bugs, and animals in a rain forest. the answer still has not been clarified by scientists, and it depends on the rain forest, but my guess is that... Read More »

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The Difference Between Desert Plants & Rainforest Plants?

Because desert plants and rainforest plants evolved in vastly different habitats, they have developed different styles of coping with their environments. These adaptations make them look different ... Read More »

Plants in a Rainforest Canopy?

Rainforest canopies are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Complex biological webs of trees, plants and animals have evolved over millennia to thrive in the particular climactic ... Read More »

Plants of the Rainforest for Kids?

Tropical rain forests contain most of the plant species on Earth. As their name indicates, rain forests are wet and have high humidity. So many different kinds of plants thrive there because of the... Read More »

What are tropical rainforest plants?

Tropical rainforest plants are plants that live in the hot, humid and wet conditions of a tropical climate.BarkThe bark on the trees in a rainforest is usually thin and smooth because they don't ha... Read More »