What causes planets to orbit?

Answer Planets orbit because of the presence of a greater mass, such as the sun and its greater gravitational pull. In the case of the Earth, the sun's gravitational pull keeps it from traveling in a stra... Read More »

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How to Find the Planets?

Mercury & Venus in the evening skySince ancient times, before the advent of the telescope, astronomers and others were able to pick out moving points of light that looked different from stars. The ... Read More »

Are the sun&moon planets?

Modern science defines a planet as a large body that orbits around the sun in a solar system. Therefore, the sun cannot be a planet. Since the Moon orbits around the Earth and is a relatively small... Read More »

What does terrestrial planets mean?

The terrestrial planets are those smaller planets in the solar system composed mostly of rock and possessing a relatively thin atmosphere. The terrestrial planets—Mercury, Venus, Earth and Marsâ€... Read More »

When is tiny planets on?