Are navy planes military planes?

Answer Yes but these military planes are flown by navy pilots or military pilots.

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Does the CIA have planes?

Having planes is an outstanding idea

What planes were used in ww1?

'Sopwith camels' and 'sopwith snipes' were commonly used. They were just simple biplanes that dropped bombs on enemy trenches. Look up images on a search engine for what the planes looked like. An... Read More »

How do I use hand planes?

Adjust the CutAdjust the blade using the turn screw to determine how much wood you should remove with each cut. Most of the hand planes have a turn screw that you can use to make the adjustment.Pos... Read More »

How many planes does the navy have?

From the official "Chief Petty Officer heritage" page from "On April 1, 1893, two important steps were taken. First, the grade of Chief Petty Officer ... Read More »