How many pixels are in one megapixel?

Answer According to the Encarta World English dictionary, a megapixel is equal to 1,048,576 pixels. Pixels and megapixels are units that measure the transfer or image resolution speed of graphic data. Meg... Read More »

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How many pixels are in a megapixel ?

There are 1 million pixels in a megapixel. Pixels are a term referring to resolution, generally used when describing a digital camera (such as a "5-megapixel camera").SourceDefinition of "megapixel... Read More »

How many pixels are there in a megapixel?

Can you use current software from 3 megapixel for 6 megapixel camera to download pictures and keep clarity if both use Scan Disk?

Answer Yes, in fact if you are running XP you need no software to download pictures from a digital camera. Just connect the camera and XP take it from there.

Is there much difference between 160x240 pixels and 240x400 pixels?

The only differences are the number of pixels involved, and the shape of the rectangle they form.160x240 pixels is a rectangle of 38,400 total pixels.240x400 pixels is a rectangle of 96,400 total p... Read More »