How many pixels are in one megapixel?

Answer According to the Encarta World English dictionary, a megapixel is equal to 1,048,576 pixels. Pixels and megapixels are units that measure the transfer or image resolution speed of graphic data. Meg... Read More »

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How many pixels are in a megapixel ?

There are 1 million pixels in a megapixel. Pixels are a term referring to resolution, generally used when describing a digital camera (such as a "5-megapixel camera").SourceDefinition of "megapixel... Read More »

How many pixels are there in a megapixel?

How many mega pixels is 640x480 pixels?

640 x 428 pixels is how many Mega pixels for a camera?

Just multiply 640 x 428 = 273,920 pixels or 0.27 MegaPixels.