How many pixels are in an IPad?

Answer Most likely not unless you get a waterproof case for it, and I don't know if they make a life proof case for them.

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How many pixels is in iPad 2?

The iPad 1 and iPad 2 both had a resolution of 1024x768, for a total of 786432 pixels.

How big is 100 b 100 pixels on a iPad a picture would be good?

That would be about a half a square inch on a new iPad. There would be information to tell what the picture was, but the quality would not be very good.

How many mega pixels is the iPad 2 camera?

Is there much difference between 160x240 pixels and 240x400 pixels?

The only differences are the number of pixels involved, and the shape of the rectangle they form.160x240 pixels is a rectangle of 38,400 total pixels.240x400 pixels is a rectangle of 96,400 total p... Read More »