How many pixel are there in 1 megapixel?

Answer 1,000,000

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How many pixel are in one megapixel?

What is the difference between k pixel ana megapixel?

Mega is a measurement of million. Kilo is a measurement of Thousand.Technically, it's 1024 multiples, not 1000.Pixel = 1Kilopixel = 1,024Megapixel = 1,048,576Gigapixel = 1,073,741,824

Would a 3.1 mega -pixel camera have superior or inferior picture quality as compared to a 4.9 megapixel camera?

All other things being equal, the minimum number of megapixels required is 4, and that will give good postcard-sized snapshots. Anything less is inferior.

Can you use current software from 3 megapixel for 6 megapixel camera to download pictures and keep clarity if both use Scan Disk?

Answer Yes, in fact if you are running XP you need no software to download pictures from a digital camera. Just connect the camera and XP take it from there.