How many pints in a keg?

Answer A full keg, or half-barrel keg--the standard keg used in the U.S.--contains 124 pints, or 124 16-oz. servings. A quarter-barrel keg, or pony keg, holds 62 pints; a sixth-barrel keg, or torpedo keg,... Read More »

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How big is a 13 quart garbage can?

The size of a 13-quart garbage can varies by type, material and manufacturer. For example, a Carver 09843 Wastebasket measures 9.2 by 10.8 by 13 inches and weighs 6 lb. A Rubbermaid 13-Quart Paper... Read More »

How many pints of Ben and Jerry's can I eat before I get fat?

I will come and eat it with you, and we can be fat together

Pints to Cup Conversion?

If you've ever needed to convert from one unit of measurement to another, you may have struggled to remember the proper conversion. Converting from pints to cups is simplified by the fact that both... Read More »

How many cups in a quart of ice cream?

One quart of ice cream contains four cups. If you are serving six to eight people, a quart size is recommended since it will provide a 1/2 cup serving of ice cream for each person.References:Servin... Read More »